Please contact us to discuss your event. Nothing is to small or to big.

  1. Sample packages single photographer including appropriate lighting and equipment

  2. 2 hour event (minimum) $200

  3. 4 hour event $300

  4. 6 hour event $500

  5. National or international corporate travel / event documentation at $800 per day

Includes copies of all images and 10% simple cleaned and edited images - no watermarking

All Travel expenses outside the Atlanta, GA area are extra. Larger events that require additional photographers are extra at 50% of the event price, per shooter

Events & Documentation

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Photography services in the grater Atlanta area and beyond

Photography is the only “language” understood in all parts of the world, and bridging all nations and cultures, it links the family of man. Independent of political influence – where people are free – it reflects truthfully life and events, allows us to share in the hopes and despaire of others, and illuminates political and social conditions. We become the eye-witnesses of the humanity and inhumanity of mankind. - Helmut Gernsheim